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Brian Littrellsymbols

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Water Balloons Falling (and Bouncing) in Slow Motion.

Rewatch the video.

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Yes, Francois Cevert was still utterly perfect when pulling silly faces.

In other news, Jean-Pierre Jabouille still doesn’t look French, and Carlos Reutemann’s swingy poker-straight ‘do pre-empts the GHD craze by almost 40 years.

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because harmonies


New style

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He’s just getting hotter, #MasterWine

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The Fall Behind the Scenes: Lee’s Method Acting

Lee Pace spent the two months it took to film The Fall’s hospital scenes a wheelchair. Only a select few of the crew knew that he could actually walk.

“It was hard (…) but it was about getting that performance out of Catinca, and making her feel comfortable with me, and putting the mood on set that she would be sensitive to. I do think it was valuable, because it caught a level of realism in those scenes with Catinca, a privacy and sensitivity that I don’t know we would have gotten without doing it.”

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Thorin ft. Tumblr textposts

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